The simplest soundbar system from Bose

A dramatic improvement in your TV sound does not have to be complicated. The Bose CineMate 120 Home Cinema Speaker System delivers the clear, powerful sound you’ve never seen before, with basses that you might never have seen on TV, with a compact soundbar and a hidden Acoustimass® module , The Soundbar is connected to your TV via a simple connection and adapts harmoniously to the design. With the universal control, TV, cable box and other input devices can be conveniently controlled. The complete and at the same time inexpensive Bose® Home Cinema Speaker System offers an incomparable top-notch that makes your TV experience better than ever before.


Satter, powerful TV sound you would not expect from such a compact system. Deep bass thanks to the Acoustimass® module that brings to life movies, sports and video games. The soundbar adapts harmoniously to the design of your TV set and requires only one cable connection. User-friendly universal remote control for controlling TV, cable box and other devices.
Multiple audio inputs: digital (optical, coaxial) and analogue.

Compact soundbar
How can a soundbar of the size of a ruler produce such a wide sound stage? A speaker array consisting of four elements uses the Bose-developed signal processing technology TrueSpace® to spread the sound far beyond the loudspeakers. The effect is similar to the cinema – you have the feeling to dive into the action. The virtual worlds of your games are even more real. The compact soundbar produces impressive top-notch, a larger one

A system that harmoniously integrates
Although the system will fill your entire room with powerful sound, it takes up very little space. The soundbar can be placed harmoniously in front of the TV and requires only one cable connection. Your other feeders remain in place without changing their cabling. The Acoustimass® module can be placed hidden and has practically no influence on the room design. However, you will feel the influence on your TV experience – experience the best of the world.
Feel the sound
With the Bose CineMate 120 Home Cinema Speaker System you will enjoy a room-filling sound stage and clear dialogues, and you will also find something completely new: a sound you can feel. From the pulsating rhythm of a bass guitar to the dramatic effects of an action movie, you’ll discover the rich depths that an HD TV can not play back anywhere near. And that of an Acoustimass® module, which you can place almost anywhere in the front part of the room and even behind furniture practically invisible.
A remote control for all playback devices
The universal remote control is probably the only remote that you will need for all your playback devices, such as Blu-ray Disc ™ players or cable boxes. It is easy to program, to use and makes a confusing collection of remote controls unnecessary.

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