BOSE LIFESTYLE SOUNDTOUCH 525 system is now even better. The Lifestyle® 525 system combines advanced surround sound technologies with ease-of-use, versatility and elegant design. Five Direct / Reflecting® speakers provide true surround sound in any part of the room. The Acoustimass® module delivers powerful bass. With this system, you will not only experience TV shows, cinema films, sports and video games more realistic, but also convince you as a powerful music system. If you want to enjoy wireless music, you only need to connect to your existing local home network (WLAN) or your Bluetooth® enabled devices.



  • Live surround sound with five Direct / Reflecting® speakers, adapted to the room’s characteristics – for continuous top-notch performance.
  • Wireless streaming of music services such as Spotify and Deezer, Internet radio stations or your own digital music library.
  • The hidden console makes all components seamlessly interlocking like a complete system.
  • Easy to understand installation and operating instructions on the screen.
  • Easy connection and convenient operation of up to six HD video / music players, video upscaling up to 1080p.
  • The system has built-in Bluetooth® technology so you can stream your music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device.

Natural surround sound

Enjoy stunning surround sound for all your movies. This system features Direct / Reflecting® speakers, which now have an even slimmer profile and even better match your flat-screen TV. The precisely aligned sensors in the interior allow for a perfect sound, which you would normally only expect from significantly larger loudspeakers. The Acoustimass® module, which can be placed almost invisibly in the room, is indispensable for the top-of-the-range music. The exclusive technology inside the module provides as much depth as you would otherwise only know from a theater or live concert. Even if the module itself is not visible – its effect is not to be overthrown.

Discover new music with SoundTouch
With SoundTouch® you can discover and enjoy music more easily than ever before. Stream millions of songs via Spotify and Deezer and play Internet radio stations or your digital music library. With a powerful app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control music playback anywhere in your home. Six programmable preset buttons provide instant access to your favorite music via the app or the included universal remote control.
The Lifestyle® SoundTouch 525 system is part of a whole family of systems for wireless music enjoyment. Together, they allow the reproduction of the same music in any room or different music in different rooms.

Easy installation
Unify® technology allows users to easily connect and control up to six HD or music players, such as Blu-ray Disc ™ players or cable receivers. The four HDMI ™ inputs on the console provide for multi-channel audio output from all the audio playback devices and provide more realistic dynamic range and bass response than the audio signal from your TV.

Easiest operation
The Unify® technology also simplifies the programming of your Bose® universal control, which allows you to operate your Lifestyle® system and almost all connected devices. During the setup process, the Unify® system detects all connected devices and automatically programs the Bose® remote control so that you can operate all components with it. The method works even if you place the console or the components behind the doors of your entertainment center practically invisible. In addition, system information is displayed on the LCD screen of the Bose® remote control.

Tailor made for your living room
Each room has a distinctive acoustics, because size, shape, wall surfaces and furnishings have a great influence on the sound quality. The ADAPTiQ® system analyzes your room and optimally adjusts the sound reproduction of the Lifestyle® system – for a consistently impressive top-notch performance.

More functions

3D video compatibility allows you to automatically watch 3D videos from your system when connected to the right 3D players and a 3D TV.
Automatic video upscaling provides image quality up to 1080p through HDMI ™.
Built-in FM / AM radio



Height: 7.62 cm
Width: 42,16 cm
Depth: 23.62 cm
Weight: 3.40 kg

Direct / Reflecting® series II speakers

Height: 18,50 cm
Width: 8.40 cm
Depth: 4,00 cm
Weight: 1,00 kg

Center Speaker

Height: 8,70 cm
Width: 18.68 cm
Depth: 8.27 cm
Weight: 1.03 kg

Acoustimass® module

Height: 33.30 cm
Width: 20,60 cm
Depth: 54.90 cm
Weight: 11.90 kg

Remote Control

Height: 23,80 cm
Width: 5.60 cm
Depth: 2.80 cm
Weight: 0,19 kg

SoundTouch® wireless adapter

Height: 5.00 cm
Width: 23.90 cm
Depth: 6.40 cm
Weight: 0,34 kg
Input / Output

Console – Rear view

3 HDMI ™ inputs
2 AV inputs for HD components
1 USB input

Console front

1 HDMI ™ input
1 analog AV input
1 USB input
1 headphone jack

SoundTouch® wireless adaptermains connection
Ethernet port
USB input
more details
Power supply: Voltage supply 100-240 V

Delivery Included:

Acoustimass® module
4 Direct / Reflecting® series II speakers
Horizontal Center Channel Speaker
Universal remote control with 4 AA batteries
SoundTouch® wireless adapter
Cable for front speakers (6 m)
Rear speaker cable (15 m)
Power cable for the Acoustimass® module (2.4 m)
HDMI ™ cable (1.8 m)
Power cable (1.5 m)
power cable
Audio input cable
Cable with infrared transmitter
Stereo audio cable
AM antenna
FM antenna
USB flash drive (only for system updates)

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