The newly designed QuietComfort ® 25 headphones convince by an outstanding sound experience and are more comfortable and handy than ever before. With these headphones, you take a distance from the lazy world and immerse yourself in new sound worlds. Thanks to the powerful sound reproduction and the technology for noise reduction, you can listen to every note crystal clear. Even air travel now promises undisturbed musical enjoyment, since you simply hide the drone of the engines. No matter how loud the world is around you, you can fully enjoy your music – or simply enjoy the tranquility.

  • Advanced noise reduction during travel, at work and on the road
  • Unrivaled top quality for the natural reproduction of your favorite music
  • Light weight around-ear design for long-lasting comfort
  • Control of music and calls via inline microphone / remote control
  • Various designs, in black or white





Optimized design

We have fundamentally revised the design of our industry-leading headphones using high-quality materials and surfaces. The ear cups of these light headphones can now be turned further for increased comfort. The comfortable headband is lined with high-quality material in suede leather look and now clings even better to the head shape. If the AAA battery is once empty, you can continue to enjoy music without noise reduction. The tiltable earcups can be conveniently stored and transported in a small case.


Less noise – more relaxation

With the QC® 25 headphones you concentrate on the essentials: your music, movies and videos. Unwanted sounds are just outside: the noise of a noisy street, the cabin noise in the airplane or the bustling activity in a hectic office. Advanced technologies for noise reduction and special electronics make this performance possible. The fact that we have paid attention to every detail is evident not least in the design of the ear cushions, which guarantee a tight conclusion from the outside world and thus absolute peace.

Nature-loving lace-string

Many of our engineers are at the same time passionate musicians – and this is heard and felt in every of our products. If you wear these headphones, you will hear the sound of unadulterated guitars, crystal-clear voices at the beginning of the chorus, rich basses and grippy drums that dictate the rhythm. The Bose® Active EQ and TriPort® technologies deliver such a captivating sound experience that you no longer want to drop your headphones. And thanks to the exceptional wearing comfort, you do not have to!


Uncomplicated control

Our noise-reducing headphones are specifically designed for use with iPhones and other Apple devices. With in-line microphone and remote control, you can enjoy music by touch-clicking and control call handling. Many of these features can also be used with other popular telephones.



Height: 19.10 cm
Width: 15.20 cm
Depth: 2.30 cm

Weight without cable: 195,04 g
Cable length: 1.42 m

Transport case

Height: 21,00 cm
Width: 14,60 cm
Depth: 5.10 cm

Delivery Included:

QuietComfort® 25 Headphones
QC® 25 cable of 1.42 m length, with inline remote control and microphone
Airplane adapter
Transport case
AAA battery

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