Innovative designs that underline your personal style

SoundTrue ™ headphones – the ideal complement for you and your music. Enjoy your favorite music in a new sound dimension with natural spine. So light and comfortable that you almost forget that you wear them. Nevertheless, they are extremely robust in daily use. Available in a variety of fresh designs in around-ear and on-ear fit. Just choose your fit and express your style.



  • Satter, natural top-cut for your entire music.
  • Soft padded headband and padding made of viscoelastic foam
  • Choose the one you like: the around-ear model or the on-ear model.

Your music reflects your personality. The same applies to your headphones.


Strong sound, light design

The innovative acoustic design of the SoundTrue ™ headphones offers a clear, natural sound throughout the spectrum – from crystal-clear treble to the deepest bass. Experience the best of the world and immerse yourself in your music. A softly padded headband and ear cushions with viscoelastic foam allow you to enjoy your Playlist for hours on end.


High comfort and long lasting quality

The SoundTrue ™ headphones not only fit your personal style, but also provide stability and quality. The audio cable is only connected to an earpiece in order to avoid cable clutter and to give you freedom of movement. For simple stowage, it can be removed, the ear cups can be folded flat, and the headband can be folded. The matching case in the matching design ensures optimal protection on the road as well.


Immersed in the music and still reachable

SoundTrue ™ headphones are designed specifically for use with your iPhone and other Apple devices. With built-in in-line remote control on the back of the microphone, you can control your music, adjust volume, start / stop playback, go to the next / previous track, fast-forward, rewind, and playlists. Likewise, you can switch between calls and music with one touch – without having to use your device.

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